Are Your Children Getting the Music Education They Deserve?

private school and musicWhen we’re talking about education today, it isn’t just about learning math and foreign languages.

Proper education should also not disregard important areas such as education in arts or music.

It is ironic that it is often exactly those fields such as music were our public school system is often seriously lacking. A school may well pursue that your children learn a number of foreign languages yet the children is not given an opportunity to learn an instrument or to explore their other creative sides.

This is the reason that private schools in the United Kingdom are today becoming increasingly popular. It is often the private, independent schools where children are given a lot more and much better opportunities to learn and to grow up.

In addition to the benefits of offering a better and more interesting variety to suit your children’s interests a lot better, private schools can have even more advantages as compared to our public schools:

The average size of a class in private schools is often much smaller as compared to those we see in the public school system. A smaller amount of pupils per teacher means that teachers can dedicate their efforts a lot better, something which benefits those children that would otherwise have difficulties in the overcrowded classes in public schools.

Before you think about a school for your children you should always make sure that the school you are considering can offer them the best when it comes to education. Ask them about their classes and courses especially when it comes to music and the fine arts. Don’t let a poor public school with limited education options decide over the future career of your children!

For those who live in the Hertfordshire area it would be a good idea if you look into private schools in Hertfordshire. The Kingshottschool is the school my children go to and we couldn’t be happier!


Headphones: A Musicians Best Friend

Headphone ReviewsHeadphones. Under-appreciated, but so important as an up and coming indie musician! To find the best, you are going to need to read a lot of headphone reviews!

You can use them to listen to other music tracks that you are inspired by, as a foldback when you are in studio recording sessions, for practising late at night, and for listening back to your recordings.

Obviously headphones vary massively in both cost and quality. That is why it is really important to pick your headphones carefully. You can buy cheap “throwaway” type headphones, but really, if you are taking your music career seriously, you are going to be looking to spend a little more money and buy something a little more special.

It’s good to ask around friends and other musicians, to see what headphones other people are enjoying. There are also some other resources online that you can use to find the ideal headphones for your situation. Sites like can be really helpful in this sort of situation.

If at all possible you are going to want to try the headphones out for size. As what some people find comfortable might not be comfortable for others. If there is a retail store in the area that has a good range of quality headphones, it might be a good idea to try a few different pairs out.

Above all, do your research and find something that works for you. Your new headphones will serve you well for years to come if you choose wisely!

Singing Waiters – The Highlight for Your Event

Whether you are planning a wedding or are looking for a great idea for a corporate party, the right musical entertainment can be the one thing that could make an otherwise dull event into a blast for all your attending guests.

However, not all party planners know about the fantastic options for party entertainment available today. Most of us will simply hire a local band or a DJ and that will be it as far as entertainment and music at the event are concerned. While a band or DJ may well satisfy most of your guests, there are a lot more creative and unique things you could do if you really want to woo your guests.

Why not make your party, wedding or whatever event truly unforgettable with hiring singing waiters? Allow me to explain!

waitingTo be honest, you will find a band at almost any wedding but imagine the following scenario: While your guests are being served their foods and drinks, all of a sudden your waiters engage in an argument that can hardly be overheard by any of your guests! No one knows what to think about this; some of your guests are even about to step in to keep a potential fight from breaking out between your serving stuff.

All of a sudden, the rather loud argument amongst your waiters takes on an entirely different note when two of them start singing their “argument” in a powerful and beautiful voice. Not only that, a third person who might have been disguised as a normal guest or security guard before now chimes in as well. Before they know it, your guests will find themselves in the midst of an amazing spectacle that no one would have expected! Can you already hear the astonished “Ooohs!” and “Ahhhhs!” when your guests finally realized what’s going on along with the wave of applause which will surely follow?

Singing waiters can be the highlight of any event and you can hire them today for any occasion. Whether you are looking for classy and professional opera-style entertainment for a wedding or corporate meeting or whether you want it more contemporary such as with songs from popular musicals, you can hire singing waiters that can do it all and their talent will without question blow everyone away!

With singing waiters you will get world-class entertainment right there where your event is. If you are looking for a truly unique entertainment idea for your next event, hire singing waiters and transform your party or event into an amazing spectacle that none of your guests, no kid and no adult will ever forget!

Maintaining Your Music Website

Computer KeyboardIt’s likely that anyone in a band or performing solo as a musician will have their own website, or at least a blog, to help them promote their act. While just setting up a website for those who are told where to find it is fine if a musician wants people to discover their website more easily regular website maintenance is essential. It doesn’t what size your website or blog is every site on the web can benefit from a little bit of tinkering now and again, whether that’s to do with the, the content or the SEO. All these factors will come into play if you want your website to be the best it can be, and to effectively market yourself. Many people don’t even realise that there are ways of accurately measuring traffic to your site, so you can tell whether or not your online presence is a ghost town.

Arguably the most important factor to maintain on a regular basis is the content on your site. Keeping the content fresh, even if it just means posting something once a month, can make the difference between a site that looks active and alive and a site that looks dead. This is especially important for musicians who are just starting out and want to look like they’re busy. This content could include a backstage report on your most recent gig, a funny tour photograph or maybe something about another band you’ve seen that you like. Regular content, as long as it’s good content, will increase the amount of people visiting your site and give fans something to return for on a regular basis. There are some really great companies out there that can help with website maintenance as well as offer WordPress support, etc.

Then there’s the SEO. regular content updates go hand in hand with this as it’s good SEO practice to update content regularly as Google really likes it. Search Engine Optimisation can range from tweaking the keywords in your site’s meta description to setting aside some time each week to build up backlinks. Backlinks are an essential part of building traffic to your blog or website as it makes it look good in the eyes of Google. Other music blogs and music forums can be great places to do this.

Productive Down-Time

StartAll of the studios and offices which we work from are all about to go offline for the annual building safety checks. It might seem a little extreme to close the whole building down completely, but we decided a couple of years ago that it would be better for us to keep absolutely right up to date on all the required admin around buildings regs, safety checks, equipment testing, and then have an intensive session where we check all the electrical equipment that we are qualified to do and then get professional teams to come and check the rest in one go.

We chose to do that because the alternative is to keep little checks going in dribs and drabs all year long, which with all the admin that needs to go with it, inevitably means that something is forgotten and overlooked and not picked up again until the next year.

By getting the whole lot out the way in one, we can arrange for the studio to be out of action for the shortest time possible. In that time, we are able to start PAT testing all our amplifiers and computers and mixing desks etc. while the fire safety professionals come in to check fire extinguishers and do the dry riser testing and make sure that all the smoke detectors and alarms are working properly. We found our local fire protection company, Argos Fire, to be extremely helpful!

Plus, it does usually make a nice change to be working on the studio rather than in it if that makes sense? It’s extremely satisfying to come back to work knowing that all the equipment is working fine, and that the building we are working in has been thoroughly checked and is absolutely as safe.

Even if we run out of equipment to check while the safety officers are working their way round the different systems, there are always cables to solder and test which is somehow therapeutic.

So that’s how we changed shutting the complete building down from being a time where no work could ever get done, to the being most productive time of the year.

In House Competition

GamblingA little competition is good for productivity right?

Well, that’s what we decided to put into practise in our blogging community, so as well as the daily tweeting, blogging, making music and gigging, we are also running a bit of competition.

It goes like this:

At the beginning everyone starts with £30 each (of their own money) and the aim of the game was to make as much on horse racing as possible with just that £30. If you want to, you can go all out and put the whole lot on one horse, but then you obviously take the risk of being completely out of the running if you lose. So, most of us have been looking up free online horse racing tips to give us ‘an edge’ when we’re not working, and putting in pretty small bets.

A few of the guys started getting way too absorbed in the game, so to try and keep it fun and lighthearted rather than a serious waste of time, we have limited everyone to just one race per week, and you can only spend a maximum of half an hour doing your research.

I have got to say, it worked like a charm. Everyone has entered into the game in the spirit that it was intended, and it’s giving us a bit of fun and a social spark once a week which everyone has said really helps them to stay focused for the rest of the week.

We do realise that gambling can get out of hand, which is why we have kept the stakes very low and have an agreement that if someone starts running away from the rest of the pack in their takings, then we agree that they’ve won and we re-set the stakes. As yet, this hasn’t happened as we’re all a bit over eager and apparently not very well informed when it comes to horses.

A bit more online research is required I think. One resource I have found pretty helpful is this horse racing website.

We will keep you updated on our progress!

Your Awesome Chair: A Step To Success

As always, here at Indie Rag, we are wanting young indie artists to have the best chance of success and breaking into the industry.

What we want to try and do here is help you to consider everything that you need to, to help you on your way to becoming an indie rockstar!

So today, we would really like you to consider your…chair!

Ergonomic Chairs

Yes, as a musician, you are going to be spending a lot of time seated, whether writing new songs, recording some of your new tracks at home, or spending time online promoting your EP/Album Launch/Tour!

It’s really important that the chair you spend most time sitting on isn’t going to impact you in a negative way. Being in top shape is going to be important whilst you are doing gigs and touring, you don’t want to have a bad back, RSI or anything like that!

So, we highly recommend ergonomic furniture. These are chairs that make sure you are seated with good posture, with quality lumbar support, and most importantly, that you are seated comfortably!

We recommend that you have an ergonomic chair to use as your primary desk or computer chair. They are easy to get hold of online, through online stores such as.

So, get yourself an ergonomic chair. Make sure that it is appropriate for your size, height and weight. You will be super comfortable, have better posture, and ultimately that will help you to become a more awesome musician!

Keep rockin!

Becoming an Indie Rockstar!

It’s the dream of so many. Becoming a famous rockstar!

As you know, here at Indie Rag we are huge fans of the Indie genre. This is a genre that keeps growing and growing as time goes by.

Whilst this means that there is a bigger and growing audience for indie music, it also means that the competition is a lot more fierce. The dreams of so many indie fans are to become an indie rockstar and make it big!

This website is going to be all about how you can break into the industry and see your dreams come true in the indie rock world!

It all starts with your attitude though. Strength of mind is so key. You need to know that a career in the music industry is all you want and all you will ever want. If that is where you are at then it’s time to chase your dream with everything you have. It’s those that have their eyes set on the goal that achieve it. Those that don’t listen to the negative comments that you will undoubtedly hear over the coming years and months.

Those that persevere are those that get everything that they have every dreamed of.

So, with that, it’s time to get serious about pursuing your goal of becoming an indie rockstar, and we are certainly going to be by your site all the way!

We are rooting for you!