Maintaining Your Music Website

Computer KeyboardIt’s likely that anyone in a band or performing solo as a musician will have their own website, or at least a blog, to help them promote their act. While just setting up a website for those who are told where to find it is fine if a musician wants people to discover their website more easily regular website maintenance is essential. It doesn’t what size your website or blog is every site on the web can benefit from a little bit of tinkering now and again, whether that’s to do with the, the content or the SEO. All these factors will come into play if you want your website to be the best it can be, and to effectively market yourself. Many people don’t even realise that there are ways of accurately measuring traffic to your site, so you can tell whether or not your online presence is a ghost town.

Arguably the most important factor to maintain on a regular basis is the content on your site. Keeping the content fresh, even if it just means posting something once a month, can make the difference between a site that looks active and alive and a site that looks dead. This is especially important for musicians who are just starting out and want to look like they’re busy. This content could include a backstage report on your most recent gig, a funny tour photograph or maybe something about another band you’ve seen that you like. Regular content, as long as it’s good content, will increase the amount of people visiting your site and give fans something to return for on a regular basis. There are some really great companies out there that can help with website maintenance as well as offer WordPress support, etc.

Then there’s the SEO. regular content updates go hand in hand with this as it’s good SEO practice to update content regularly as Google really likes it. Search Engine Optimisation can range from tweaking the keywords in your site’s meta description to setting aside some time each week to build up backlinks. Backlinks are an essential part of building traffic to your blog or website as it makes it look good in the eyes of Google. Other music blogs and music forums can be great places to do this.